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Kalsi fibre cement boards and planks manufactured from a precise combination of cement, silica and cellulose, the boards are cured and stabilized in an autoclave – a special process involving steam, high temperatures and pressure – that ensures optimum dimensional stability and mechanical resistance.

Kalsi fibre cement boards and planks are durable and highly resistant to most environment conditions. They are the best alternative to wood, concrete and masonry constructions.

Ceiling System

Fibre Cement Ceiling Board for External Application

Dry Wall System

External Dry Wall Cladding

Dry Wall Partition System for wet application – Prefabrication Bathroom Unit (PBU)

Kalsi Qua / Kalsi 8  is an 8mm thick fiber cement board, 100% asbestos free product, consisting of the following: cement, selected mineral fillers, organic reinforcing fibers, and functional additives that are specifically designed for wet area applications. Kalsi Qua / Kalsi 8 acts as a high performance wet area application board, and requires no additional waterproofing.

Kalsi Qua / Kalsi 8 has a wide range of applications, could be applied as backer board for curtain wall applications, exterior system with rendering, interior wet area application, and many other wet area application systems.

KalsiQua / Kalsi 8 can also be applied in the context of Pre-fabricated Bathroom Unit (PBU) Dry Wall System.

Key Features of PBU Dry Wall System.

Flooring System

Fibre Cement Board For Internal Flooring Applications

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