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Knauf AMF

Knauf AMF is one of the most innovative high performance ceiling manufacturers in the world. The business is characterised by innovation and expertise. Knauf AMF products are used on each and every continent and are particularly popular where the construction and aesthetic requirements to be fulfilled are complex.

Mineral Fibre Ceiling Tiles


AMF THERMATEX® ceiling tiles, produced using a wet-felt process, are made of bio-soluble mineral wool, perlite, clay and starch and are therefore based on natural, sustainable and renewable raw materials. Production control through an ISO quality and environmental management process guarantees consistent high quality and safety as well as the environmental security of the mineral wool used.

A ceiling can make a significant contribution to room acoustics. The traditional choice for architects of smooth materials with low sound absorption or perforated materials with high sound absorption is now in the past. Today, acoustic ceilings from AMF THERMATEX® combine high sound attenuation and high absorption values with a highly desired smooth surface finish. The different acoustic performances of the AMF THERMATEX® products enable offices, meeting rooms, sales rooms, foyers, corridors, class rooms, auditoriums and cinemas to become sound optimised zones.



With the launch of the soft fibre product range, Knauf AMF enhances its position as a complete system solutions provider for modular suspended ceilings. The features and technology of AMF TOPIQ® offer further evidence of its reputation as an established innovator in suspended ceilings, whilst at the same time strengthening our approach to application orientated solutions.

The technology of the product brand AMF TOPIQ® is based on fleece laminated stone wool tiles, finished on all sides for a diverse range of room requirements. As standard, the finish consists of a fleece coating on both sides with the face and edge areas additionally provided with a high quality colour coating.

The products in the soft fibre board range impress primarily with their low weight, easy handling, durability and excellent humidity resistance and sound absorption performance.

Ceiling Suspension Grid System


AMF VENTATEC®, the ceiling suspension grid system from Knauf AMF, combines the highest quality and system flexibility – both in manufacture and construction as well as in logistics, throughout the entire project process. This results in substantial time and cost advantages. Outstanding material quality in combination with precise production at modern production plants ensures the constant high quality of the profiles.



The Knauf AMF product brand HERADESIGN® stands for acoustic decorative products and system solutions, based on wood-wool with a timeless character and a variety of design options. The noble “warm” character of the wood-wool structure makes the products unmistakeable. Decades of developing our expertise and the traditional roots of the brand have resulted in outstanding acoustic solutions that promote well-being, concentration and performance in a sustainable way. For the production of wood wool-acoustic tiles, only natural raw materials are used, whose functional and biological properties positively influence the room ambience and climate. HERADESIGN® – Design and function consciously united and unconventionally presented.

Modern buildings are a combination of various functional areas for which a suitable construction system must be selected, based on the requirements of the area. As exposed and concealed design elements, Knauf AMF construction systems can easily integrate into the architecture of a room or even be hidden if desired. Easy installation under existing soffits of diverse types and problem-free maintenance, make each system a practical ceiling solution.

Exposed Grid System is very efficient construction system enables quick and easy installation and removal, easing maintenance work. Numerous international approvals and certificates certify the excellent properties of this ceiling construction, which offers many advantages and creates an exciting ceiling appearance.Picture6

Free Span System can span up to 2.50 m, is ideal corridor solution. It is quick and efficient both in installation and maintenance as individual tiles can be demounted allowing access to the ceiling void, dependent on construction type. The tiles are supported on both sides by perimeter trims, which make the ceiling appear extensive and homogenous due to the low number of joints. The corridor will appear more open and has a high quality look.Picture7Free Span System

The grid structure of the acoustic ceiling THERMATEX® SF Acoustic is concealed. The special edge detail completely conceals the grid construction, except for a 7 mm wide shadow gap. At the same time, installation remains easy. The tiles are pushed into a conventional grid structure consisting of T24 profiles from below. Thus, the ceiling achieves minimal installation heights (from 75 mm) and is particularly suited for use in refurbishment projects. A very homogenous appearance can be achieved as the ceiling face is only broken by the narrow shadow gaps.Picture8Picture9

The ceiling tiles, dependent on the construction variant, can be installed as demountable or non-accessible. Adapted to individual requirements, the ceiling void is subsequently accessible or inaccessible. The concealed profiles create a subtle, smooth optic which contributes to a simple ceiling appearance.Picture10

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